Fusion Concept Realized at GlassLab

by admin on July 19, 2012

Invited to Corning GlassLab to work with master glassmakers, Jon Otis explores designs that fuse blown glass objects to pre-fabricated wooden forms. During the fusion process, each component changes the other. The molten glass takes on the shape of the form, while it burns away a portion of the wood. The final pieces (to be completed at the GlassLab studio in Corning, NY — stay tuned!) will comprise both glass and wood, permanently fused together. To learn more about The Corning Museum of Glass, and the fusion concept, see Jon Otis Returns to Corning GlassLab.

Corning GlassLab on Governors Island, July 13, 2012


Each wooden form will accept a molten blown glass container.


Molten glass is transferred from the oven to the crafting station.


Perpendicular flanges are added to the container form.


The molten blown glass is placed into the wooden form.


The molten glass makes contact, burning the wood and taking the shape of the form.

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